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Best story of inspiration this morning


The weather today is very, very hot. Mbah Sarno continue pedaling his bike combing residential street Condong Catur sake of living. Mbah Sarno has for decades worked as itinerant cobbler. If other people may think: “Want to watch what I tonight?”; Mbah Sarno could only think: “I could eat or not tonight?”
In the midst of this heat too, was very difficult for him to get customers. For Mbah Sarno, every day is a working day. Where there are opportunities to generate dollars, where he will continue to try. Amazingly, he is a very honest person. Although poor, even though he never took the rights of others.
Hours 11. On arriving in front of a luxury home at the end of the alley, he too finally got his first customer today. A young man aged 20 years, looks very rushed.
When Mbah Sarno patching holes shoes, the young man was constantly looking at the clock.
Since this work has been cultivated Mbah Sarno years, then in a short time he managed to finish the job.
“That was fast. How much, sir? ”
“5000 dollars, Mas.”
The youth also spend hundred thousands of his wallet. Mbah Sarno clearly shocked, and of course he had no money change at all, especially the youth are the first customer today.
“Well, Mas, we do not have exact change, huh?”
“No, sir. I live this piece of money, not broken, sir. ”
“Sorry, Mas. I do not have change. ”
“Wow, hassle as well if so. Well, I was looking for a while, sir, to the front of the stall. ”
“Already, Mas, do not bother. Mas carry out alone. I note Mas again rush. Another time, Mas, when we meet again. ”
“Oh, thank goodness if so. Yes, thanks, yes, sir. ”
As the hours passed, and it seems this unfortunate day for Mbah Sarno. He’s just getting a customer, and even then not pay. He continues to instill in his heart, “Ikhlas. God willing, will be able to instead. ”
The time was three more. He also took Asr prayers in front of the mosque school football field.
Finished the prayer, he prayed: “O God, let me taste the sustenance of your piece today. Today I’m going to keep trying, the rest is your will. ”
Long finished praying, he got up to continue his work.
When going towards his bike, he was surprised that the young man this afternoon who become customers already waiting there.
“Well coincidence we met here, sir. It paid that afternoon, sir. ”
This time the young man still spend hundred thousands. Not only piece, but five sheets.
“Loh, tablets, Mas? This Mas has not mecahin money, huh? Sorry, Mas, I still do not have change. This is also why 5 pieces, Mas? It’s not wrong ngambil, Mas? ”
“Yes, sir, accept it. I have received the change earlier, sir. Today I interview. 5 minutes late, I failed, sir. Fortunately Dad let me go first. God willing, next week I went to France, sir. I need prayers …. ”
“But, this is too much, Mas.”
“I paid only Rp 5,000 shoe soles, sir. The rest is to pay for my success today and sincerity father today. ”
God has a way of helping his servants who want to try in their difficulties. And, we will never know when help arrived ..

Hopefully useful and can be taken lesson ..

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Morning story that inspirad many people make touched


A wife cried when bathing the corpse of her husband .. weeping wife said, “This is our promise as husband and wife .. If my brother go first then you were bathing the corpse brother, I wish you were going out of the brother, brother who will bathe jenazahmu …” From outside the hospital cubicle corpse, a chaplain came in and asked if she would bathe her husband’s body .. chaplain was with some people accompany the wife bathing the corpse of her husband .. With a quiet wife wash her face while praying,
“This is the face of my dear husband, but God is love you …
O my husband .. May Allah ampunkan sins and unite us in the hereafter .. “Now wash their hands, saying her husband’s body ..
“The hand is what seeking halal sustenance for us, get into our mouths … may God reward you, O let my husband” When the body wash her husband’s body, he also said … “The body is what gives a hug of affection to me and my children .., may Allah give you double reward, O my husband … “Then when washing the feet of her husband’s body, back he said ..” With this foot brother out looking for our sustenance, walking and standing all day simply to find a bite of rice, thank my husband … may God give you the enjoyment of life in the hereafter and the reward that multiply exponentially .. “Done bathing the corpse of her husband, the wife of her husband and said a wistful kiss ..” Thank you my husband .. because I’m happy to be your wife and all too happy .. and thanks because it left me with jewel hearts are just like you .. and I as a wife would ridha departure because God’s love to you … ”

Subhanallah ..
The beauty of love each other for Allah ..

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Unexpevted benefits from fast to you know


Fasting was not only beneficial to health but also for beauty. Fasting also has a myriad of advantages for your beauty.
According to the medical experts on the editorial, the following benefits of fasting for beauty:
The actual benefits of fasting for the beauty of your body would have reflected on the importance of fasting for your health, such as in the following:

Cell Replacing Body, Fix Hair and Nails
When you are fasting, dehydrated skin due to lack of fluids, especially if the stored water in your body is insufficient, so the skin looks dull and dry.
However, dull and dry skin will regenerate cells that occurs regularly every day.
As a result your skin will always be formed by new cells during fasting and breaking at the right time and with good nutrition.
Similarly, the loss of hair and nails are broken, then the cell regeneration will fix it.

Cleaning the skin and clear eyes
Detoxification or cleansing process toxins from the body will take place during your run fast, so the toxins in every cell of the body will be released in stages, including the bacteria that cause acne.
Skin becomes more clean and fresh
Your eyes will look clearer and cleaner, because the toxins in the body that affect eye health can be issued.

Maintaining a healthy weight
That is already clear, fasting is able to maintain your weight.
Mealtimes and resist eating and drinking regularly, and balanced nutrition, will control the portions of food and beverages you consume.

Make Ageless, Normalize Feminine
Resting the organs of the body during fasting would delay the aging process, so you look younger than their actual age.
According to Dr. Yuri Nikolayev, the greatest discovery of this century is the ability of a person make him stay young physically, mentally, and spiritually, through fasting rational.
Alvenia M Fulton, Director of the Institute of Healthy Food “Fultonia” The United States stated that fasting is the best way to embellish and beautify women naturally.
Fasting produces softness charm and allure
Fasting normalizes functions of womanhood and reshape the beauty of the body.

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And God replied ……..

vikas chandra

Through the prism of time, as life unwinds
Every toil but a means to an endless end
Every passage a forsaken tryst to contend
“O Lord, with a waning self to dreary grinds
Amidst revelry of yearnings, how a lost soul finds
That deep sense, sight and scheme to bend
Dictates of destiny, for a forlorn hope to ascend
And burgeon into glory, unfettered from thy testing binds?”
“My dear, thou born a spirit free, a soul in garden of Eden
Thy feats fruits of thy labor, so fluffs only of thy making
Thy fear of thyself, thy titanic might and glory
Legends swear how many times thou touched upon my heaven
But thy fear coerced thy swerving mind, my kingdom’s not for taking
Trust thyself, my child, the eternity in you and be the glorious story”

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